Built for real needs.

Created from developer to developer.

The Instagram Scraper API is a microSaaS created from my needs, after the recent Instagram updates it was very complicated to be able to capture data to follow, for example, the growth of a profile, after testing basically all internet services, decide to create this API.

In the last updates Instagram started to limit the scraper, limiting requests by IP, with that we started to use proxy, in general of datacenter, but this became a new problem and Instagram now identifies the use of datacenter IP and block your scraper.

Following the need to scrape Instagram data, I came up with the possibility of using residential and mobile IPs (4G / 5G), which so far has had a great response.

So the next problem was to find a supplier of these residential or mobile IPs, after testing more than 500 different suppliers, I decided to create two platforms to buy directly from their residential or mobile internet.

Today, the Instagram Scraper API has about 150k residential users and 400k mobile users, with a growth of 30% per month, and thus we are able to make our operation possible.

I hope that I will be able to serve you well and especially your demands, which are mine too.