Anti-Spam Policy

Atualizado em: 01 de Março de 2020.

Verifying opt-in only

Checkpoint is not for the verification of Opt-out/purchased/rented email addresses nor the email delivery of Unsolicited Bulk Email, or Unsolicited Commercial Email, otherwise known as SPAM and we refer to the definition of SPAM provided by the Spamhaus website:

Are you sending Spam?
  • 1. Are you mailing to anyone who has not explicitly agreed to receive mail from you?
  • 2. Are you sending to a purchased list of addresses?
  • 3. Are you using false information in your profile, such as using an incorrect originating address?
  • 4. Are you using a domain name that you are not authorized to use?
  • 5. Is your subject line misleading or deceptive?
  • 6. Does your email not include a working unsubscribe option?